Coolest kids in my world

                                                                  Where to start

      I’m  43 yrs young. I’ve three children all left home 17,21,23 all doing well,and living in New Zealand.  Left to try something new in Australia with my brother, I’m working with him Stump Grinding around Brisbane till I can get myself set up to work on my own as handy Man.

      1st July it kicks off calling myself, Man of the house. And that just what I will do everything and anything that the man would do if he had the time.

      I’ve worked mainly in New Zealand, finish my schooling in Australia Broadbeach high,Randwick boys in Sydney. Worked in S.A printing Logo on clothes not bad for 1st job.

      Moving over to nz,starting in shoe factory then stonewashing Jeans Levi when that was the in thing. Then spent a few years in farming managing milking contracting (take charge farm services) business name we had. Great for the children growing up farm life.

            Once the children become social change to Towne life      working  first at petrol stations, which allowed me to join up with the local fire station three and half years,do my bit for the area.

      Moved to Taupo to managing a gas business driving and building up numbers starting off at 200,growing to 3500. before the boss sold up to enjoy life,he was 70 hard worker. Best boss I have ever work for. Leant a lot from this man,humble as they come.It was never the same without him,so it was time to try something new.

      Kids busy living there lives,and Australia is only three hours away same as Taupo was from Auckland. And the kids believe it was my time now to make a change,guess that telling me the aren’t children no more. And my works done lol.

      That where I’m at now,me and my dog Jack are enjoying the warmer weather in Australia finding our feet. We both Love the outdoors,not into fancy stuff don’t need those things to enjoy life. They become more of a weight,than help. We both humble and willing to give a hand where need.

      I’ve try a lot of things over the years jumping from planes kayaking over water falls tramping 4wd most places.

      Don’t beleave in government making life better,except for themselves Beleave in Jehovah and my children.

      Thats it, just another kiwi who’s moved over to Australia.


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  1. halfpintkiwi says:

    Check out the new web, Man of the House starting Friday the 1st July, be in early 0414520083.
    We have you sorted, That’s Man of the House….If he Won’t, I Will

  2. halfpintkiwi says:

    http://www.halfpintkiwi.com.au……Start 1 st July 2011 Man of the House…..If he won’t, I Will.
    Call Peter 0414 520 083 or check out https://kiwistumpgrindingbrisbane.com.au

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