There some really sad people out there that prey on others to rip them off….I’ve been getting emails from a so call Lady send photos and emails saying she wishes to come to Australia to live this went on for a week or so then next thing she at the airport waiting to flly out but has cash problems costing more than she thought asking for 1280 dollars to help out. What wrong with some people, Get a Job and stop preying on others. You low life piece of x#**# People be aware of these scamers I’ve report it, lets hope they are caught,at less I knew not to send money.


About halfpintkiwi

Kiwi male 43 Love life,enjoy most things. father of 3coolest children in my world. Trying life out in australia,starting a business up to be self employed,spent last 12yrs going nowhere managing for a gas comply in nz. Business name will be "Man of the house"
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